About This Project


This particular family room appears large but there is a thoroughfare that cuts through it leading to another room. A challenge was to maximize the seating and maintain the traffic flow. We also knew that the paint colour had to be changed as well as the art on the wall.


We didn’t add many new pieces to this room; just a few large pieces. The sectional seats seven people. A big difference from the love seat that sat two. By adding a large area rug, the room appears to have grown double the size.

The fire place is a very nice focal point and it being white, we wanted to reference that in the room. You see it in the legs of the coffee table and in the mattes of the art.

Going back to the coffee table, even though the sectional is huge and the rug too, by adding a glass table, the room looks less cluttered than before when there was seating for only two.
At a later date, a mirror was added to the wall above the sectional completing the look.

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