Five Ways Round Rugs Can Rock A Room

Five Ways Round Rugs Can Rock A Room

This is my first post since joining the Zephyr Team earlier this month, I’m pretty excited to start sharing ideas, tips, and suggestions on the blog. I decided to start with a “Dos and Don’ts” post.

Every space comes with its own challenges and opportunities. There are so many tools in the decorating toolbox to help you turn your space into something beautiful and functional that you can be proud of. One of the most versatile of these “tools” is the rug.

In this post I’m going to look specifically at the “dos and don’ts” of round rugs. So here are five ways you can rock your room with round rugs! Let’s turn some of those room challenges into opportunities.



Do: Rely on a rug to break up spaces

Round rugs are great for creating a separate space within a larger room, such as a reading nook. You can use an arm chair that mimics the curves of the rug to create a distinct, cohesive look and flow. Suddenly that chair and rug have transformed one part of a shared family space, a large room, or even a bedroom into your own little sanctuary to unwind and relax.



Do: Use a round rug in a dining area

Where there’s a round table or breakfast nook there’s an opportunity for a round rug. The complimentary shapes help define the space.

Don’t: Forget to consider the size of the rug

The most common mistake when choosing a rug is choosing the wrong size. Make sure that the rug is large enough for the space and that you are able to pull chairs back without them coming off of the rug.



Do: Define a space with a round rug

You can use a round rug to make a big impact in a small space or in a large space with sparse furniture. As you would with a large rectangular rug, make an effort to have all pieces of furniture touching the rug for an aesthetically pleasing look.



Do: Bring a fun and whimsical charm to children’s rooms

A round rug is a particularly great way to add a little visual wonder to a child’s bedroom or play area. It’s amazing how a rug can bring a unique pop of color, fun patterns, and texture without overwhelming the space.



Do: Layer a rectangular space

When your space has sharp lines and is distinctly rectangular you can make it more visually interesting by layering with a round rug. A round rug can draw focus and help you create a conversation area within a large room.

Don’t: Float the rug in the middle of the room

Choose the size carefully and ensure it works to achieve your layering goal. The value of your round rug is lost if the rug itself is lost in the space.



When you’re ready to rock your room with a round rug give us a call or stop in. We do in-store mini-consults and in-home consultations so you have the expert advice you need. Don’t forget to bring in your room measurements and some photos to guide the discussion.

Here are a few round rugs available from Zephyr by special order. Each photo shows a round rug rocking a room in one of the ways I’ve covered in this post.


Matina Kousoulis

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