Sizzling Summer Style

Sizzling Summer Style

NOTE: With some impending weather, we’re republishing this article which appeared originally in the Chronicle Herald, written by co-owener, Matina Kousoulis

When the warm temperatures arrive and the days grow longer, we want to make changes to our homes. We look to lighten our colours, our fabrics, and perhaps change our accessories. Enter the season’s ‘hot colours’ — turquoise and orange.

We have seen these colours everywhere — toss cushions, centrepieces, barstool seats, even accent tables.

One thing to remember about a trend is that you must like it if you wish to go in that direction. For example, if you don’t like turquoise, you will not follow this trend. If you love the colour and know you won’t tire of it, now is the time to make some great purchases.

When something is trending it means that it’s available now. So, if you like it, take advantage of the opportunity.

Take it easy

Never go overboard on these intense colours. An accent colour need only be referenced three times in a room.

Bring these colours in by changing your toss cushions, adding a bowl on your coffee or dining table, or perhaps a vase on a credenza or console table.

If you want to be a little bolder and it’s time for a couple of big changes, think of updating your rug and artwork. Choose designs that have touches of turquoise or orange — or both! They complement each other very well.

Rug, fabric trends

There are two trends in fabric and rugs that are hot, hot, hot! They are the Ikat pattern and script or writing in both cursive and print.

These patterns have been popping up everywhere I look. They translate very well on accessory pieces (like toss cushions) and on occasional chairs (particularly an armless design), on ottomans and in area rugs.

The Ikat pattern looks like a repeated inkblot, but with many colours. This design is available in vibrant colours, muted tones and a combination of both. Soft muted colours still give you the leeway to add more textures and colours to the room.

A brighter and more vibrant rug, on the other hand, becomes the focal point in the room and limits you in colours, designs and patterns.

Same rules apply to the print fabric. The soft, thin cursive writing on fabric is far easier to incorporate into your décor. The bold, uppercase print is a much stronger and bolder print that commands more attention in a room.

Whichever colour or fabric you may choose, you will notice a big transformation in your space as any of these ‘trends’ will lighten and brighten your room, and add an element of fun.

And a little fun is never a bad thing!



Matina Kousoulis

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