Sofa … So Good!

Sofa … So Good!

The most comfortable sofa ever is here!

At the most recent Toronto Furniture Show in June, I came across a new model sofa that not only reclines, but does so electronically as does the neck rest and back.

After hours walking and talking with vendor after vendor at the International Centre, I saw a familiar face, my rep from one of the furniture lines we carry. He asked me to come see a new sofa from a Canadian manufacturer. It had been a long day and I was growing tired, so initially I just said no. He pushed and I begrudgingly said yes.

Off to the showroom we went. When we arrived he suggested I take a seat on a beautiful black leather sofa.


I did and immediately noticed the two buttons on the arm rest. After a minute, I found myself in reclined with my feet up and oh so comfy. I ordered it as is; there is no reason one should mess with perfection. It is available in leather and fabrics, various sizes and configurations.

Drop in and check it out. We also did a Facebook Live segment on this one.

Matina Kousoulis

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