Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

I like to peruse viewpoint.ca to see how the real estate market is faring and to see how people decorate. I find I get useful information and it’s enjoyable. I have observed that there are many houses and condos that are beautifully designed and decorated; others not so much.

Furniture and décor is removed when the property is sold, but the cabinets, floors, tile, etc is not. When choosing finishes it’s important to always have your eye on the big picture. Ask yourself how everything will come together rather than simply picking your favourites. 

If choosing to put hardwood floors in your kitchen, keep that in mind when choosing the cabinets especially if you are going for a wood veneer. A contrast is a must. Maple floors and espresso lower cabinets works well; cherry floors and walnut cabinets would clash. This simple rule applies to your bathroom as well. Always choose your finishes carefully. This is just one example of the many factors you should consider when making choices for your home. 

Hiring a decorator for a few hours is money well spent. Even if only to get feedback on your choices. If you’re just getting started, hire a decorator to help you put a plan together. Working closely with a decorator means your taste and their big picture understanding come together for a finished project you can be proud of.

Remember, finishes are expensive to redo; one mistake like kitchen floor clashing with the cabinets could be a $10,000 mistake or when selling, a loss of potential buyers. 

I have learned a great deal about design from Heather Rigg of Realm Design. Heather is a very talented and knowledgeable interior designer who holds an MFA. She visits Zephyr often to choose furnishings once she has chosen finishes for her clients. Her palettes and choices are always perfect. She thinks of the style of the space and the likes and tastes of her clients. And she’s pretty cool! 

Hiring an interior designer for two hours or to shepherd your design is an investment with a large return.

Matina Kousoulis

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